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Woman gives blow-by-blow account of abortion via Twitter

March 2, 2010

Angie Jackson tweeted throughout her abortion

Florida mother-of-one Angie Jackson last week posted a live account of her abortion via a series of tweet on Twitter.

The 27 year old found out she was pregnant and decided to abort the foetus by taking the abortion drug RU-486, which works by blocking the hormone progesterone. After having a life-threatening first pregnancy Angie was advised not to have any more children due to preserving her own life.

Since tweeting about the abortion, which included such tweets as ‘the pain starting to get distracting’ and ‘definitely bleeding now’, Angie received a deluge of negative feedback including a number of death threats.

Whilst I am pro-choice and support Angie’s decision to abort her unborn child, is this not social networking over-stepping a line? The stunt has ignited a flood of debate over the long-time controversial topic and has raised awareness regarding RU-486, but surely a running commentary of an abortion was not the most effective way to do this?

We are living in a world where tweets (and other forms of social media) are describing in detail births, menstruation, bowel movements and what now abortions? Please. Some things are just meant to stay private. Abortions are a very personal decision and deserve not to be sensationalised.

It seems to me that Angie made a desperate plea for attention and I hope that her 15 minutes of fame are worth it.

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