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How social media is changing job search

November 30, 2011

I came across this great infographic today from MBAOnline titled ‘Can Facebook Get You A Job?’, and with more than 18 million Americans saying Facebook got them their current job, it seems the answer is a resounding ‘Yes’.

Social media definitely helped me get my current job, but my job is in social media. So you’d expect that really.

So if you’re not a social media professional, then how can the medium assist with getting you a job?

My top tips:

1. Have a LinkedIn profile.
This is for everyone no matter what your profession is. Connect with people you’ve worked with in the past, currently work with and those who you’ve had business dealings with. This is almost like your professional Facebook. I’ve personally been contacted by a number of recruiters, and also spotted some interesting job ads that have been posted as well.

2. Have a LinkedIn profile picture, and an up-to-date profile.
There isn’t much point in having a LinkedIn profile if you don’t look after it! Make sure you have a photo of yourself uploaded, and that your work history is up-to-date and experience & skills are completed. Regularly log in and keep it updated! Besides, if you don’t regularly log in then you’ll miss lots of great job advertisements that are sometimes exclusive to LinkedIn!

3. Follow companies on Twitter that you’d like to work for.
You’d be surprised at how many of these employers post jobs to social channels before putting them on job sites. You’ll also learn a lot more about the company, and a good understanding of the organisation is a huge bonus come interview time.

4. Put your professional info on your Facebook profile.
How many of your Facebook friends did you actually know eons ago, and have no idea what they do for a living now? By letting them know what industry you’re in and what your skills are can often mean that should a position arise in their company that may be suitable for you, they’ll let you know.

5. Watch your mouth on public sites.
If you have a public Twitter account then think before you post if you’re hoping to use it as a platform to get a new job. Posting about not enjoying your current job or bitching about your boss are big NO-NOs. In fact, I wouldn’t recommend those kind of posts even if you’re not job-seeking. It’s kinda lame.

Have you used social media to land yourself a job?
What are other tips for using SM for job seeking? 
Comment below!


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