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iPhone 4 battery fix

April 15, 2011

Don’t get me wrong, I love my iPhone 4, but since getting it in February of this year – yes a mere 2 months ago – I have been plagued with problems.

The latest problem I’ve been having has been with my phone’s battery. All of the sudden, it started to drain really quickly and was often hot to touch even when it had not been used in hours and stored in a cool place.

Prior to this problem my phone didn’t even need to be charged overnight – the battery life was absolutely amazing. This awesome battery life turned to my phone almost flat by lunchtime when it had been charged to 100% that morning.

After asking around I receive all the same questions.

What’s your screen brightness? Are you running too many applications in the background? Do you have Skype open?

None of these questions led to solving my issue.

In the end I found a post on an Apple forum which solved my problem. The solution for me is outlined here (slightly more complex for Mobile Me users – see original post for instructions there):

1. Delete your mail accounts

2. Power off your phone

3. Switch phone back on

4. Setup mail accounts again

5. You’re done.

Immediately my phone’s battery was back to normal.

The first problem I had with my iPhone was that I was repeatedly getting the iPhone temperature warning every time I used the phone.

This made it impossible for to have a phone conversation any longer than about 2 minutes, use the internet for any period of time, even sending text messages was often fraught with problems.

The phone was never hot, even though the warning suggests that it is.

I put up with this problem for about 2 weeks before phoning Apple for advice. A hard re-boot was suggested – but I couldn’t even back up my data as every time iTunes tried to sync with the phone, it would constantly be interrupted as this warning would come, making the computer think there was no longer a phone connected. Argh!

In the end the only thing that could be done was have the phone replaced, which I must say was a very easy process. An appointment with the Genius Bar was made, my phone was looked at and was immediately swapped over by a helpful Apple employee. The only negative about the experience was the long wait – my appointment time was about 30 minutes before I was actually attended to.

So I’ve had a few iPhone 4 dramas… but it hasn’t put me off the product, I still love it.

Hope this helps anyone having battery issues – if removing and restoring the email accounts doesn’t work apparently setting up your iPhone as a new iPhone can be tried also, but you will have to back-up all your info first. Luckily for me it was a really simple solution.

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  1. May 11, 2011 8:35 pm

    LoL! Thanks so much for this posts.

  2. balaji permalink
    July 24, 2011 4:31 am


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