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Top memes of 2010, run and tell that homeboy.

January 5, 2011

Everyone loves a good meme and 2010 certainly did not disappoint on this front.

Here are my favourite memes from last year, bring on more LOLs in 2011!

Antoine Dodson Bed Intruder

This was by far my personal favourite meme of 2010. Originally a news story about an attempted rape, the brother of the victim, Antoine Dodson, became an instant star when the story was auto-tuned and put on YouTube. The original video has sparked an onslaught of follow-up videos.

I actually find the song really catchy and have it as my highly inappropriate ringtone (hence the reason why my phone is almost always on silent).

Some of the catchphrases to come from The Bed Intruder song include ‘Hide yo’ kids, hide yo’ wife’, ‘So dumb’, ‘We’re gon’ find you’ and ‘Run and tell that homeboy’.

Double Rainbow

What does this mean???

The guy who made this video has denied he was under the influence of drugs, but you decide for yourself.

Old Spice Guy

This commercial, featuring its famous catchphrase ‘I’m on a horse’, was probably the most recognised of memes in 2010. Ladies across the world fell in love with the man your man could smell like and the ad spawned hundreds of references. If you’ve been living under a rock, here’s the original video and the follow-up ‘Swan Dive’ video.

Jessi Slaughter

Seeing a young girl cry is never funny, but this girl’s father’s comments sure were humourous.

This 11 year old girl would post controversial attention-seeking videos from her bedroom webcam, which caught the attention of 4Chan’s /b/ board. From this point online taunts began.

One video, in which Jessi faces her ‘haters’ whilst hysterically crying, also features her father, from which when get classic catchphrases such as ‘I’ve backtraced it’, ‘you dun goofed’, ‘consequences will never be the same’ and ‘I’ve reported you to the cyber police’.


The sound of the World Cup held in South Africa in 2010 was certainly the buzzing-like instrument, the vuvuzela.

This annoying sound could be heard during all soccer matches and sparked many jokes across the web, such as this Lord of the Rings parody.

Pants on the Ground

American Idol and other such reality ‘talent’ finding programs always provide us with hilarity when it comes to audition time. Who can forget Australian Idol’s Flynn singing Beat It?

Well the ninth season (!) of American Idol produced General Larry Platt and his track with a message, Pants on the Ground.

Here’s one of the many remixes.

What were your favourite memes from 2010?

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  1. January 5, 2011 9:49 pm

    Antoine is definitely my fave! That’s so great you have it as your ring tone haha!


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