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Facebook vs Twitter: The demographics

December 22, 2010

Came across this great infographic yesterday courtesy of Digital Surgeons.

The graphic compares Facebook and Twitter in terms of demographics – gender, age, income and education – as well as statistics including the percentage who follow a brand, update their status daily and login everyday.

More Facebook users login daily (41% as opposed to 27% of Twitter users), however Twitter users are more likely to update their status everyday (52% compared to 12% of Facebook users).

An interesting stat for businesses is that of the 40% of Facebook users who follow a brand, only 51% of those are likely to purchase that specific brand. Whilst only 25% of Tweeters follow a brand, a whopping 67% of these will purchase that specific brand.

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  1. December 28, 2010 10:29 pm

    That’s a nice blog post and an interesting analysis of Social Media trends, what a pity there is no graph for Google Buzz (I often use it).

    Personally I login on Facebook daily, but I think Facebook have a lack about confidentiality policies even if it evolves and Facebook is not well integrated with the rest of the web, the only way to connect web and Facebook is badges or using it API.

    Twitter is really opened trough the web, and usually, Twitter users try to put less but more efficient updates, and we could use plixi for photos or many services to share. And it’s really good for blogs too.

    Now I would like to talk about Google, I think Google is the best way to communicate because it’s mixed up with good points of Facebook and Twitter but without the bad points.

    And we can connect many websites to Google Buzz for auto-updates ! The bad point of Google Buzz is that not much people use it compared to Facebook and Twitter.

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