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Myspace usage in Australia dwindles further

November 12, 2010

Earlier this year I blogged about whether Myspace was dead or alive, after having the opportunity to meet Myspace Co-President Mike Jones (and ask him that very question) at an exclusive Myspace event in Melbourne.

Mike  defended his brand by saying that in no way was it dead, and then highlighted some of the new & innovative projects that Myspace was working on.

I recently decided to re-visit the topic to see if the figures speak for themselves.

In an appendix to an organisational Social Media Plan I wrote in March of this year, the following stats regarding Myspace usage in Australia were recorded:

Unique users*: 1.8M
Page views per month: 550M
Total visits per month: 23M
Avg visits per visitor per month: 13
Avg time on site per visit: 21 min, 40 sec

*The estimated, unduplicated number of people who visit the site over a specific month

Fast-forward 8 months and the numbers for the same metrics are:

Unique users: 1M
Page views per month: 60M
Total visits per month: 5.5M
Avg visits per visitor per month: 5.5
Avg time on site per visit: 11 min

In a nutshell, 800,000 less users are engaging with Myspace in Australia, and page views per month are down a staggering 490 million. The average user is visiting the site less than half as frequently as they did in March, and spending half as much time there.

I can’t see how it is possible to now breathe new life into the once top social network, so whilst I think we’ve known for sometime that the platform has seen the last of its hey day, it’s now time to officially pronounce it dead.


Figures courtesy of Google

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  1. tree permalink
    November 15, 2010 10:14 pm

    wow, that’s very interesting….thanks for that 🙂

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