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The day I lost my iPhone

August 13, 2010

Thursday 12 August will go down in history as one of the worst days of my life.

I lost my iPhone.

The tragic story begins on Wednesday 11 August in the evening. I had just finished Week 4 of Certificate IV in Training and Assessment at TAFE night school and I was tired and thankful to be leaving at 8.30pm.
As I started the ignition of my car I noticed that the beep that connects my phone with my car’s bluetooth did not sound – and the alarm bells in my head instantly went off.

After going searching my handbag six times I back to school and searched the lecture theatre. I still came up phone-less, and was almost convinced that the phone must be in my boss’ car who had driven me back to the office after class.

Wednesday night was hell.

I had to use my laptop to tweet. I couldn’t play any moves in my 8 games of Words With Friends. I couldn’t play solitaire to get me to sleep. I couldn’t check-in on Foursquare at the supermarket. I couldn’t change my ringtone to Antoine Dobson’s ‘Bed Intruder’.

Upon going to bed bored out of my brain I realised – how am I going to wake up in the morning? My phone is my alarm clock!

I had to charge up my old Nokia (thankfully I had not killed that contract yet) and teach myself how to use its out-dated technology again. Urgh I had to squint to read the tiny screen!

Come Thursday morning my phone was not in my boss’ car and nowhere to be seen. Lauren was in a filthy mood. Life without iPhone was surely a fate worse than death. When a colleague approached me asking if she could borrow my phone charger I scowled as I handed over the beautiful white USB charger that should have been connected to my own baby.

At 3.58pm precisely I received a call at work to say that my phone, which I had resigned to never holding in my arms again, was safe and sound and waiting for me to pick up from the TAFE Security Office. Life was good.

Thank you to all who sent me messages of hope. It was a close call and I’m still recovering from post-traumatic shock however the prognosis is good and I think we’re both going to be ok.

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