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When does a follower become a friend?

June 25, 2010

Lately I’ve noticed a certain amount of indecision on Twitter – should you add tweeps on Facebook?

That’s right, should you take your social media relationship to the next level with someone and add them as a friend (or accept them as a friend) on Facebook.

Here are my guidelines for such relationship escalations:

1. It’s okay to add tweeps you’ve met in real life
I’ve met a number of people in real life where the friendship has begun on Twitter. And I now consider some of these people to be just friends, rather than ‘people I know from Twitter’. I’ve met them, I like them, and I want to continue the friendship – so go ahead and add them on Facebook.

2. It’s okay to add tweeps you haven’t met in real life, but you’d like to
There are loads of awesome people who I regularly converse with on Twitter that I’d love to meet in real life but for whatever reason, that rendezvous has just not happened yet. Yet is the operative word here, because I’d like the meeting to happen at some point. They’re often people who have been recommended to you by people you have actually met. In this instance, it’s okay to add these people on Twitter.

3. Don’t add anyone who makes you feel uncomfortable
Simply said, if you receive the friend request and your reaction isn’t positive, then just don’t accept. The requester has no reason to be offended – you don’t even know them! As a female, this extends to guys on Twitter who you think are only on there to meet women, and Facebook (which tends to reveal more personal information & photographs than Twitter) will just be a way for them to learn even more about you. Ignore!

4. Don’t add someone who doesn’t share information
If  they don’t have a Twitter profile picture or a Facebook profile picture of themself, or if none of your other friends seem to know anything about them, then I wouldn’t add them. Firstly, you should never add someone you know nothing about. Secondly, these kind of people fall into a category that love to get as much information out of you, but don’t share any information in return. Be wary of such users.

5. Don’t have a rule that you’ll never add Twitter friends on Facebook
I’ve heard a lot of people who have this rule, and I believe there are always exceptions to rules! People can always cross over from one part of your life to another. For example, you might have a rule where you don’t add people from work on Facebook. But then what about that awesome girl in Finance who you  have lunch with every day and have started hanging out with on the weekends?

Twitter and Facebook are different worlds and they do have a different purpose and function for the user. Therefore it’s only natural that you’d be interacting with different groups of people on each, and I certainly don’t think you should have all of your Twitter followers on Facebook and vice versa.

Remember there is nothing wrong with ignoring a friend request if you don’t want to add them – and don’t get offended if you add someone from Twitter and they choose not to accept you.

Now should I add them on Foursquare… well that’s an entirely different post! Stay tuned!

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