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Communism reigns as China bans Foursquare

June 5, 2010

China has honed in on a new target and has blocked the location-based social networking site Foursquare, reportedly because of too many check-ins at Tiananmen Square (according to Mashable).

Yesterday marked the 21st anniversary of the massacre of 3000 students and protesters carried out by the Chinese government at Tiananmen Square. Discussion of the bloody incident is strictly prohibited on mainland China and the ban extends to the internet.

Information on the event is only available through what is officially released by the Chinese government and they even had Google agree to censor the topic from its search engines for the market.

Social networking has made the ban slightly more difficult to enforce so last year as the anniversary approached the government banned sites including Hotmail, Flickr and Twitter. This year there’s a new player, Foursquare, and the government has been quick to catch on. Users were checking in to Tiananmen Square and in place of leaving tips, they left messages referring to the massacre. It has been assumed that due to so many Foursquare accounts auto-synching with Twitter and Facebook and this likely setting off the giant Chinese censors.

It is thought that the site will be unblocked in a few days’ time.

There is some good news however. For those of you who did check-in to Tiananmen Square (and reportedly a lot of people did who were not physically there by using the website to check-in), you’ve received your swarm badge and the player please badge!

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  1. tree permalink
    July 21, 2010 9:53 pm

    talk about control freaks…. :s
    history is history and i wanna learn more about the tiananmen square!!!

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