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Help make a belle of the ball

May 25, 2010

I recently read a short article in Melbourne’s Herald Sun about The Tiara Project requiring the donation of formal gowns just after I had been a bridesmaid in a wedding and was unsure about what to do with my dress.

The Tiara Project is a non-for-profit organisation establishing a bank of dresses, glamour hair accessories, costume jewellery, clutches, purses and wraps that are loaned out to young women attending school formals or debutante balls that cannot afford to buy a new outfit.

The Tiara Project’s primary purpose is to assist girls from disadvantaged backgrounds to overcome financial barriers to participate in social events, particularly formal and semi-formal events.

So why not donate those formal dresses you have in the cupboard that will never be worn again and make a girl’s dream come true?

Donations need to meet current fashion trends with nothing older than 10 years (unless it is a vintage classic). Items must be clean, free of stains, damage, excessive wear or offensive odours (e.g. smoke, moth balls).

Want to support The Tiara Project? You can join their Facebook page or you can email would like to organise a drive for The Tiara Project. If you are interested in donating a formal item (dress, jewellery, clutch etc.) please contact misscoca on

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