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What’s going on? Ask Sency.

May 14, 2010

I was recently introduced to Sency by its Founder, Evan Britton.

Sency is a real-time social search engine, which like how Twitter asks the question ‘What’s happening?’, Sency asks ‘What is going on?’. Want to know what is being said about a new movie, a laptop model, a football game? Search for it in Sency and you will receive real-time results, powered mostly by tweets.

Evan says 

Sency will continue to improve its real time information so that users can easily see what’s happening right now.  Plus, with Sency’s recent reactions, users can easily have their voice be heard – on our site

What differentiates Sency from other real-time search engines, including Twitter’s own search (which I find almost impossible to use at times), is its recently launched Sency for Cities product.

Sency for Cities means that you can narrow your search to include results that only originated in your specified city. This feature will also publish the current hot topics in a respective city to help the user quickly see the most popular things that people are talking about right at that moment.

At the moment, Sency for Cities caters for 13 U.S. cities plus London, but they have plans to expand this as time goes on.

It will be interesting to see if Australian cities will eventually feature in Sency, it would be great for our brands to track trends in what is being said about them from city to city.

In the meantime, keep searching via Sency and find out what is going on!

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