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What do you know about Clobby?

May 5, 2010

Clobby is a recent addition to Facebook‘s suite of applications which allows the chat facility to be added to Facebook groups and (fan)pages.

I like the idea of this functionality as you currently can only chat with those who are your friends, not those whom you may only share a common interest or association with.

With a growing number of people meeting via social networking, rather than meeting in real life first then ‘adding’ each other online, the ability to chat with those in the same group or who like the same topic will encourage new friendships. Facebook is one of the only social networking sites I reguarly interact with that all of my friends are people that I actually physically know;¬†perhaps Clobby will start to move Facebook away from this premise.¬†

I have added the Clobby application to one of my Facebook pages but am yet to try it out.

Have you tried Clobby? Would you use a chat service in your groups or pages?

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