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Catch-a-Choo: Foursquare meets Jimmy Choo

April 28, 2010

World-renowned top-end shoe brand Jimmy Choo has made its first attempt at social media marketing and the hype is definitely building.

Jimmy Choo has teamed up with Foursquare to create a treasure hunt around London which sees a pair of Jimmy Choo trainers check-in at locations across the fashionable city. Contestants in the online interactive competition will need to follow the check-ins and arrive at the location before the pair of trainers leaves. If they succeed then they will win a pair of trainers in the size and style of their choice.

To prove that they have been an entrant in the competition, the winner must approach the Jimmy Choo representative and say ‘I’ve been following you’ and the pair of trainers must be visible at the moment of approach. You must be at least 16 years of age to be in the running.

Some of the locations that the shoes  have already checked in from include Waterloo Bridge, The Canine Cookie Company (Harrods) and cocktail spot Lounge Lover. Followers of the trainers can get hints for where the shoes might be headed next via their Foursquare user page (‘To-Do’ list near London). You can also follow the shoes and see what they’re up to via Twitter.

What a lucky person the winner will be, I’d love to be in their shoes!

This is an interesting way to use Foursquare, and I love it! Readers of my blog will already know how much I enjoy the location-based social network, but this sort of exciting competition not only engages customers with the brand but makes the overall experience of being a member of the Foursquare community more exciting. A win-win for all.

Who is using Foursquare? Would you follow a competition such as Catch-a-Choo?

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