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Making friends on Foursquare

April 19, 2010

So, by now you all know how much I love Foursquare, right? Well last week I made my first friend solely from the social networking platform.

About a year ago I used to tease my boyfriend about his social media friend-making abilities, which mostly consisted of meeting people in real-life that he had befriended via MySpace and Facebook (ok I know how that sounds, but as he’s a musician I believe that they weren’t random online hook-ups).

The tables have definitely turned as since, I have made friends via Twitter and participated in ‘tweet-ups’ and now I have met a friend from Foursquare. I’m not laughing anymore! Well… actually I am, but I am laughing at myself.

Last week I attended the AIMIA V21 conference held at BCM Bar in the Docklands, Melbourne. When I arrived, the first thing I needed to do, before even registering and collecting my nametag, was check-in. I logged into Foursquare and was surprised to see that the venue was not set up, especially since I was attending a digital conference and the registration had been going for 30 minutes! Anyway, I quickly set upĀ  the venue and checked in, accompanied by a shout (Foursquare-speak for a tweet-like message) that I was at V21.

About 10 minutes later a push notification alerted me that one of my Foursquare friends, Michael W, had checked-in somewhere… he too was at the conference and had checked into BCM Bar! Now I don’t entirely remember how I became Foursquare friends with Michael, we don’t follow each other on Twitter and we weren’t Facebook friends either. I think when I first set up my Foursquare account I searched for other locals on the platform and added a couple of randoms, Michael included.

Before I knew it I received a tweet – Michael had looked up my Twitter username (available on my Foursquare account) and asked who I was and made mention of the fact we were at the same conference. I immediately followed Michael and wrote back with where I was sitting, what I was wearing… aaah why does nearly everything I write seem to have some innuendo to it! It was perfectly innocent I can assure you!

Not long before morning tea I noticed a tweet of Michael’s that he was losing iPhone battery power rapidly and did anyone at the conference have a charger he could borrow? Being the lovely girl that I am, I promptly responded that I had one in my handbag (it’s seriously like Mary Poppins’ bag!) and he could most certainly have a lend.

So during morning tea I was located by Michael and there you have it! My first real-life encounter with a Foursquare friend!

Social media definitely makes the world so much smaller, and brings people with similar interests together.

Have you met anyone solely via social media?

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  1. April 20, 2010 10:21 am

    I have met up with friends I have made on Twitter!

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