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Promoted Tweets: Twitter gets monetised

April 17, 2010

So this week Twitter made the move that was always just a matter of time and jumped of the monetisation train.

Twitter, which has been operating since 2006, has never made any money however has been estimated as being worth up to US $1 billion.

The advertising route that Twitter has decided to go down is in the form of ‘promoted tweets’, rather than banner advertising or side panel ads á la Facebook style.

Promoted tweets have already started  to pop-up on US Twitter users’ accounts, including this tweet from Starbucks “On 4/15 bring in a reusable tumbler and we’ll fill it with brewed coffee for free. Let’s all switch from paper cups.”

At the moment, the promoted tweets are onlysponsored by a select number of companies including Virigin America, SonyPictures, Best Buy and Starbucks. Twitter will not give out any information regarding whether these blue chip companies are paying for the test run.

There are concerns about the new advertising, including that users’ feeds will end up being cluttered with marketing messages. Twitter says that unpopular promoted tweets, those that do not have many re-tweets or click-throughs, will be pulled.

I personally am interested to know how much more value companies will receive from promoted tweets as opposed to a successfully-run corporate Twitter account, which many businesses already have.

For more information, read Twitter’s statement on their blog regarding promoted tweets.

What are your thoughts on the new Twitter advertising? Do you think it will make it more difficult for your message to be heard? Will it turn you off the popular social networking site? Do you think promoted tweets is a less invasive method of advertising as opposed to blatant banner advertising?

Share your thoughts!

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