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Give your Twitter a spring clean

April 13, 2010

In order to optimise your Twitter experience, it’s definitely worth giving your account a bit of a clean-up every now and then.

Have you let your account get out of hand and are now following more people than you can manage? It’s not really possible to actually follow a really large number of people, in reality you’re only getting a peek at their real-time stream updates. And how do you know if those you are following are still tweeting without checking in on each account individually?

A great way to cull down your following list is Login with your Twitter details and you can create a list of those you follow who have not tweeted for a specific number of days so you can remove deadwood from your account. I realised that 10% of those I follow had not tweeted in a month, so I cleaned up by deleting some of those.

Of course, statistics show that often new users join Twitter, tweet once or twice but really have no idea what they’re doing, and then abandon the site for some time before coming back to it when they have a bit more of a clue. So I didn’t delete all of my ‘untweeps’ as some were mates of mine that I think might come back at some stage (or at least I’m going to hassle them to come back!).

Another handy tool for cleaning up your Twitter account is Twitter Karma. Have you sometimes wondered how many of those you follow actually follow you back? Well Twitter Karma lays all this information out in a really easy to understand format.

Under each user’s thumbnail it let’s you know if your relationship is mutual (ie. you follow them, they follow you) or if it is just one-way. You then have the option to unfollow someone who isn’t following you, or to follow someone you’re not following from this program.

Running Twitter Karma on my account did however cause me to think “Oh, so you’re not following me anymore!” about a few of my tweeps. But really, I don’t take it nearly as personally as being Facebook un-friended 😉

There are a number of other sites that will help you clean up your Twitter account, such as Nest Unclutterer that also has the ability to block users following you who are already following a large number of people. This is designed to protect your privacy from marketers and businesses. You can however add rules to exclude certain users from being blocked.

It’s just a matter of working out what you want to achieve from your Twitter experience and finding the method that best suits you. But I highly recommend giving your account a clean-up, it will make it easier to follow those you actually seek and receive benefit from.

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  1. April 13, 2010 6:23 pm

    Oh this is such a helpful post! I have recently ben wondering if there was a faster method than individually clicking on pages to unfollow! Thanks so much

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