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Want to work for Alicia Keys?

April 7, 2010

Like to write and know how to blog? Check.

Want to work in a job you love? Check.

Do you have a background in marketing/journalism/public relations/communications/media? Check.

Well you might be just the person Alicia Keys is looking for to employ as her Head Blogger.

Alicia has discounted traditional methods of hiring and has gone viral – posting this job ad on employment search site,

The role is to work on the website (I Am A Super Woman) and amongst experience in web development tools and a Bachelor’s degree, the position also requires ‘a demonstrated ability to motivate and encourage women through the discussion of women’s issues’.

A rigorous search process will take place for the perfect candidate, commencing with interested parties uploading their resumes to for undergoing their 6th sense search technology, designed to narrow the field. If you make it to the next round, your writing skills will be evaluated and be interviewed, with a final 3 candidates being flown to the UK Black Ball in London where the will interview Alicia Keys.

The job is a fantastic opportunity and one that you wouldn’t usually hear about. Kudos to Alicia for deciding to hire online and open up the market – “I wanted to find the right blogger whose voice can truly embody the site, and I wanted to do it in the most egalitarian way possible. One thing I like about partnering with for a search is that it proves that we’re not looking for someone who has the best connections or the most impressive resume, but for someone who understands my mission and who is talented at just being their own person.” – Alicia Keys.

Do you think we will start to see other big names and brands embrace social media as a forum for recruitment?

What do you think about this method of hiring?

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  1. September 5, 2010 12:36 am

    I adore Alicia Keys sooo much! she is the best singer in the world and “no one” is her best song and my favorite!

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