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The iPad is here – will you be getting one?

April 4, 2010

The latest technological advancement from Apple has gone on sale in the U.S. today with the iPad hitting stores to thousands of waiting customers-to-be across the country.

The iPad will make it to Australian stores by the end of the month, but don’t think I’ll be queuing for one.

As a marketer, I only see the iPad as an attempt by Apple to create a need, a computer that sits in between the smart phone and the laptop (or as Apple would have it, between an iPhone and an MacBook). On the surface, to me the iPad looks like an oversized iPhone that you can’t use to make calls or take photos. Why would I want one?

Here are a collection of the iPad’s pros and cons so you can make up your own mind!


The Price
The U.S. starting price is just $US499 and reportedly will be $A550 in Australia.

Big Screen
The screen is large and bright, with LED backlighting and in-plane switching (IPS) which means viewing on an angle will be decent.

Speed & Battery Life
The iPad has a 1Ghz processor & allows for around 10 hours of video playback in its battery life.

iPad Apps
They’re already available on the AppStore and apps that are game-based will particulary thrive on the iPad platform. iWork (Apple’s answer to Microsoft Office) is also available on the AppStore for the iPad, costing $US10.

Screen Lock
Now this is one that I really like. Ever had problems with screen orientation on your iphone when lying down? To combat this, the iPad comes with a screen lock function.


No Camera
This is one that has been widely publicised as a disappointment in the iPad. Surely it wouldn’t have been challenging to include?

Touch Screen Keyboard
Sorry guys – I just hate them. I can handle them for text messaging (barely) but there’s no way I could handle word-processing with one.

No Multi-Tasking
This is one of my pet peeves with the iPhone, you can only do once thing at a time! Where’s the alt+tab???

No Flash Support/Memory Card Slot/HD Video Output
Absence of flash support means that some websites won’t load, photos must be side-loaded from a computer, and the highest resolution from iPad to TV is 576p.

Australia yet to have iBooks available
The word on the street is that they’re coming…

Will you be getting an iPad? What do you think of Apple’s latest invention?

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