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10 iPhone apps to keep you entertained when sick

April 3, 2010

So I haven’t blogged for a few days, and for those of you who follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that I’ve been struck down with pharyngitis and a nasty fever. My housemate has gone away for the Easter long weekend, my boyfriend is smartly avoiding my germs, I’m not allowed to talk (!), I’ve been practically bedridden and my DVD player isn’t working! 

I also haven’t got a laptop yet, and until now I haven’t had the energy to sit at my desktop so exactly how does one keep themselves from going out of their mind in such conditions??? 

The answer for me was interchanging my book (Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali – amazing) with playing on my iPhone. 

Here are my pick of apps to keep you entertained when sick! 

10. CrackCode
Do any of you remember the old school game Mastermind? Well essentially this is what CrackCode is. You choose a level from easy, medium or hard and then you have to guess what the code the computer has by a series of colours. Each time you input a guess, the computer lets you know if you know if you have any of the colours correct (by a white pin) and if any of the colours are in the right place (by a black pin).
The game keeps you entertained but does use up a fair bit of brain power so I had to stop after a while.










9. On This Day
On This Day is a fairly new app that for each day of the year lists events, births and deaths that took place on that particular day. Today, for example, was the day that Martin Luther King Jnr delivered his ‘I’ve been to the Mountaintop’ speech (1968), the first portable cell phone call was made in New York City (1973), Marlon Brando was born (1924), and Jesse James (the American outlaw, not Sandra Bullock’s cheating husband) died (1882).
The app is quite interesting, but once you’ve gone through all the info for the day, you’re kinda over it. 











8. Lemonade Tycoon
Now this game is really addictive. You start with a little lemonade stand out the front of your house and anyone with sound business sense can grow the stand into a popular store at the mall. Each day you set your price, recipe, marketing budget and purchase your ingredients and as you make more money you can afford upgrades. It’s a lot of fun though can get repetitive after a while, after all, you are just selling lemonade over and over again. 









7. Fingerzilla
This game is just kinda funny and I think it makes me laugh more than anything. Basically your finger is Godzilla and you get to destroy whole towns by furious tapping on their buildings and citizens. Extra points for killing lawyers and the town mayor. The sounds effects can be really annoying though, especially when you’re sick, however killing and destroying can be oddly satisfying. 











6. Coles Shopmate
If you can’t really eat good, then fantasise about it! Coles Shopmate allows you to check out the latest specials at your local Coles store, create a shopping list, and browse recipes. My appetite hasn’t been its usual healthy self but I do love a good meal so I’ve been planning what I’m going to cook when I get better! This app is great in sickness AND in health, a must for every iPhone! 











5. eBay
Whether you are currently buying/selling or not, it’s always fun to browse on eBay and see what’s for sale. I’ve been looking up Alf dolls to see how much they sell for since I have one I’d like to sell (apparently I might be able to get $60!). You can spend ages on the eBay app, and should I find something I want to bid on, I can do this from the luxury of bed. 











4. Solitaire
Oh yes, the good old stand-by game of all-time, Solitaire. I’ve had Solitaire since my Toshiba T1910 laptop in 1994 (it was black and white), so it is definitely an old favourite. To me it just never gets old and I can always rely on it to keep me entertained, even if it’s only for a few minutes. And there’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of winning and seeing all those cards bounce across the screen. 










3. Facebook
If you can’t talk to your friends, stalk your friends.
The Facebook app has meant that I can still comment on friends’ activities, check out their pics, and also alert them all to how sick I am so they can feel sorry for me and post comments of ‘get well soon’. Feeling needy and want some love? Facebook is definitely the way to go! 











2. Words With Friends
This Scrabble-like application, which of course is not allowed to be called Scrabble, is definitely my favourite game on the iPhone. I’m currently playing about 6 games, some with people I actually know and some with complete strangers. WWF allows you to start a game with a random opponent if you don’t know anyone using the app, and you can chat back and forth during the game also. The only annoying thing about WWF is discovering all the ‘words’ that are supposedly words. You’ll be surprised with what is allowed! 











1. Twitter
How can I go past Twitter for being the best app to keep you entertained when sick.
I personally use the Echofon app for Twitter, but I do interchange sometimes with Tweetdeck. Each to their own.
But Twitter has kept me sane by reading other people’s opinions, clicking on links to read interesting articles, checking out humorous twitpics and engaging in real-time conversation that makes me almost feel like I am actually talking. 











Number 1 App that will NOT keep you entertained when sick:
Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge champion of this application and social media platform but the last thing you want to know is where all your friends are going and having fun when you’re confined to bed feeling like crap. Turn off the push notifications during this time of sickness. 

Well I’m going back to bed now, if you want to play Words With Friends with me then my username is ‘misscoca’…

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  1. April 3, 2010 4:18 pm

    ‘If you can’t talk to your friends, stalk your friends’ haha I love this. So true.
    Hope you’re better soon!

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