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Movie Review: Brothers

March 29, 2010

Have you heard of the film Brothers?

No? Well that doesn’t surprise me. I hadn’t either until Cee from The Movement Fam suggested we go and see it yesterday, 28 March.

So I blindly went and saw the film and wow, what a powerful and emotional movie.

If you haven’t already seen the film and would like to see it as blindly as I did then I suggest you stop reading now. However, I am not going to reveal anything in this post about the plot that you would not find out from watching the trailer.

Brothers stars Natalie Portman, and Jake Gyllenhaal and Tobey Maguire as the two brothers. Tobey’s character Sam, married to Grace (Portman), is a U.S. Marine deployed to Afghanistan. On a mission his helicopter is shot down and he is assumed deceased. This turns life upside down for Grace, who is suddenly a single mum to their two daughters, Maggie and Isabelle. Sam has always been the good brother, whilst recently released from prison Tommy (Gyllenhaal) has always been the wild one who has never amounted to much, especially in the eyes of his father.

This story is a beautiful story where Tommy steps up to the plate and carries on Sam’s place in his family, becomes a father figure to his children and a support to his wife. But then the phonecall comes that Sam is still alive and everything changes. But it doesn’t go back to how things were before; a happy homecoming doesn’t end up being the fairytale ending everyone hopes for. The horrors of war have changed Sam and leave his family confused and scared. The husband and father they knew and loved has not come back.

At times the movie is difficult to watch and the characters are so real that you become very emotionally involved in the plot. All three main characters play convincing roles and newcomer Bailee Madison (Isabelle) is an amazing young actress whose performance was spine-tingling.

This film is heart-warming and heart-breaking, and helps us remember the forgotten victims of war, the men and women who fought for their country and survived with their lives, but will remain mentally affected by their experiences forever.

Say no to war.

4/5 stars

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