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How do I crop photos on my iPhone?

March 15, 2010

Ok so I’m fairly new to the iPhone, I’ve only had mine about 6 weeks.

So for all of those iPhone early adopters who know it all, I apologise in advance if you already know all the ins and outs of this item of technological brilliance I can now not live without.

So I had no idea how to edit my photos and save them and no matter how I tried to find a way to do this I was simply lost. I even downloaded an app, Picoli, which cost me a whopping $3.99 and claimed to be like Photoshop on your phone, but even it did not have this capability!

It turns out the solution is really easy (though not ideal).

Click on the photo you wish to edit, and use your fingers to zoom it and position to how you’d like it cropped. If you want it rotated then simply rotate the phone as you’d like the pic. Then take a screen shot of the image by holding the Home button and On/Off switch at the same time (do not hold down for long, just wait til you hear a camera type noise). This then automatically saves the image to your camera roll! Be aware the picture does lose quality the more you zoom it in but I’ve had no trouble with this method.

The picture is now read for you to MMS, Twitpic, Blog, upload to Facebook…

I hope this helps anyone else who was asking the same question!

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