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Foursquare’s first ‘super swarm’ takes place at SXSW

March 15, 2010

The South by Southwest (SXSW) Conference for 2010 is well underway with 6 more days to go of original music, emerging technology and independent films.

The conference, held in Austin, Texas, is known each year to be a great ‘launching pad for new creative content’, and this was the case in 2009 when Foursquare was first launched. Yes, Foursquare is only one year old and is now averaging 347,000 check-ins daily.

Foursquare has only been available for Australian check-ins since November 2009 and has been getting a constantly increasing following ever since.

Up until now, the badge for a ‘Swarm’, a mass check-in at one location, has been for 50 check-ins. This was quickly achieved at 2010’s SXSW prompting Foursquare to develop a ‘Super Swarm’ badge, for 250 same location check-ins. This too was reached by the technology-savvy crowd.

We’re still to find out whether Foursquare will become the next Twitter, and whether it will take off in Australia. Y’all know I’m definitely a fan though! 

Oh and on another SXSW note, if you’re heading to the conference check out one of my favourite hip-hop artists, Emilio Rojas, who will be performing at SXSW on 17 March at 8pm, local time.

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