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Kiwi chicks top sex survey as most promiscuous

March 13, 2010

New Zealand

A little bit of sexy trivia…

A survey undertaken by OnePoll has shown New Zealand women to be the world’s most promiscuous with an average of 20.4 sexual partners in their lifetime.

Other results include:

  • Most promiscuous men are Austrians with an average of 29.3 partners
  • Worst lovers come from Germany because apparently they are ‘too smelly’
  • Best lovers hail from Spain
  • Thai men have the least stamina, lasting on average 10 minutes in the bedroom
  • Brazilian men are the most energetic, lasting on average half an hour
  • Sweden is home to the most bisexual women in the world

Another sex survey, conducted by Marie Claire magazine, showed that 41% of French people had participated in an orgy & 27% in partner-swapping, or ‘swinging’. However Japan holds the record for the largest orgy, with 500 people taking part.

I’m off now to find myself a Spanish lover! Adios! 😉

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