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Why am I writing about bloody Lara Bingle?

March 10, 2010

What a classy broad.

Ok I’ve abstained from writing or saying anything about the whole Brendan Fevola / Lara Bingle in the shower nude photograph saga, but it’s gotten to the stage where I can remain silent no longer.

Today’s Herald Sun front page is plastered with the 22 year old model’s face screaming the heading “Love on the Rocks”. Now I am used to the Herald Sun reporting such insipid rubbish as news that concerns our nation, but come on. Lara Bingle? The bikini girl who rose to fame for saying ‘where the bloody hell are you’ and for sleeping with a married loser footballer? For Christ’s sake.

It makes me angry that this is front page news, it makes me angry that Woman’s Day printed the original picture to begin with (though I am starting to believe it was Bingle’s camp that probably leaked the picture anyway), it makes me angry that they then paid her a reported $200,000 for ‘her side of the story’ and it makes me angry that she flipped the bird at the media.

Why she hired celebrity agent Max Markson, known for representing other high brow celebrities such as Corey Worthington the Narre Warren MySpace party boy, prior to the scandal hitting the media is not known. And now he is demanding that the AFL do something about Fevola and the nudie pic incident, when she hasn’t even made a complaint. He claims that her comments to the media should be taken as a formal complaint. Good on the AFL for being one of the only who have failed to give in to her every whim.

Her fiance, Australian Cricket Team Vice-Captain Michael Clarke, left the team’s tour of New Zealand to reportedly end the relationship, or to be by her side during this ‘difficult time’. I hope he dumps her trampy ass.

I don’t care that she was involved with a married man, whether she knew he was still with his wife or not. And I don’t think it was fair that Fevola snapped her naked in the shower. But I do care about how she carries herself in the public eye and treats those who have been supportive towards her.

I’m sick to death of hearing about Lara Bingle. I am aware however of the irony of this statement given this post will only add to the deluge of references to her…

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  1. March 10, 2010 10:37 pm

    Yep. You know what I’m angry about?
    I posted about her on March 3rd… A WEEK AGO, and that blog entry is still the highest referrer to my blog. These are today’s. Which means there are some people who haven’t seen the picture yet? Or just want to see it again.

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    Well and truly over her. She’s a dick head, and I would never normally wish this much heart ache on someone, but I hope Clarkey dumps her sorry arse too.

    • March 11, 2010 10:46 am

      I guess a naked picture of an attractive woman will always interest people. What happened to seen one seen them all?
      She’s on the front page of the Herald Sun again today, and the first thing I heard on the radio on my way to work this morning was, you guessed it, about Lara Bingle.
      Whilst I think Clarkey could do so much better I do have to ask the question why was he with her to begin with, and why on earth did he consider her to be wife material???

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