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Foursquare on Sunrise

March 10, 2010

This morning on Channel 7’s Sunrise program, Tim from Australian marketing & media blog Mumbrella was interviewed for a new segment entitled ‘Website of the Week’.

The first website to be featured on the show one none other than my new favourite social media site, Foursquare.

The segment did a very basic review of the site, and in my opinion did not manage to capture all of the capabilities of Foursquare to its users or the benefits to business, however this would have been difficult in such a short time frame.

It was exciting however to see Foursquare getting some big media exposure in Australia, however a bit disappointing that the piece ended on a negative note, pointing out the Please Rob Me satirical site. Neither Tim nor David Koch mentioned that of course you have the ability to hide your personal information and that your whereabouts are only broadcasted to your friends, who you are encouraged to personally know, and only if you so choose.

In the past 5 weeks users of Foursquare in Australia have grown from 20,000 to 74,000 so the platform is exponentially growing. I hope that it continues to do so as I can see the huge potential for the site and am already benefitting from using it regularly.

You can view the video of the segment via the Sunrise Website.


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