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Review: Is Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland too scary for kids?

March 9, 2010

I recently wrote a post about the possiblity of Alice in Wonderland (2010) being too scary for kids.

Having now seen the film on Sunday 7 March, I now have my own opinion on this topic.

The film is a hybrid of both adult and child entertainment, which at times can be frustrating for either viewer. There were many moments where I cringed as the film was corny and incredibly well-suited to a child audience. However yes there were times where I believe some children would get scared, mainly during one of the final scenes where Alice is to slay the giant ‘jabberwocky’. The effects are accentuated by the 3D vision which makes it more realistic, which is great for all the fantasy imagery throughout the film but perhaps not so great in terms of frightening children.

Sitting in front of me were 3 adults who had brought along 2 small children, perhaps 3 or 4 years old. Whilst the children did not appear to be afraid of the film, they were also not paying attention and did not engage with the movie either. Actually they were talking throughout the film and were really annoying.

I would not recommend the movie for children under the age of 8, mainly because the language of the movie requires a more developed vocabulary and some scenes to have the potential to frighten small children.

The film is enjoyable for most ages and is a good one to go along with the kids and see as you’ll most likely have a good time also. Helen Bonham Carter is amazing as the Red Queen and for me was the standout, and Johnny Depp is as always brilliant in his role of the zany Mad Hatter.

But stick to the original animated film if you have small children, it’s much easier for them to follow the storyline and there aren’t any scary bits!


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