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Town renames itself Google in bid for superfast internet

March 5, 2010

The city of Topeka, Kansas, has renamed itself ‘Google’ in an attempt to secure themselves as as a Google test location for superfast internet trials. Google announced that they were planning to launch the experiment at one or more locations across America and encouraged cities to make their interest known to the company.

The trials would provide the town with broadband internet speeds up to 100 times faster than the average American household.

This spiked interest for a number of cities across American including Topeka, Kansas, where Mayor William Bunten announced that his town would be renaming itself Google for the month of March. One of the city’s restaurants, Boss Hawg’s Barbeque has even renamed themselves Boss Hawg’s Google-Q for the duration.

Topeka’s stunt caused the Minnesota port town of Duluth to make a subsequent announcement that they would name every first born boy Google Fiber and every first born girl Googlette Fiber.

But they were just kidding. Duluth released a video via YouTube as a spoof ‘in the spirit of good-natured competition between cities’.

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