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Retro childhood comfort eating

March 3, 2010

Remember Tasty Toobs cheese rings? Samboy potato chips? Barney Banana icecreams? Well you needn’t have to stretch your mind back too far, these brands and more are making a comeback.

The Monaco bar and Barney Banana icecreams were brought back in the freezers last year by Nestle after a huge number of requests from die-hard fans. Tasty Toobs were also brought back 3 years ago and Samboy chips in their original flavours have also returned.

Former advertising executive Kim Terakes says that ‘breathing new life into old brands is often the cheapest and easiest option for companies’. Without the costly new product development process this can be an attractive alternative for companies, particularly in a time of financial hardship where new products are likely to not perform as well as old favourites.

Social media has played a large role in helping to resurrect these brands, with Facebook groups and fan pages being devoted to these snacks of yesterday.

What other nostalgic snacks should be revived?

Big Boss Cigars?


FAGS, before they were renamed FADS and had the red end (which gave the illusion of a lit cigarette) was removed?

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