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Aussies crazy about Social Media

February 26, 2010

Does it surprise you?

A article this afternoon announced that Aussies are the most prolific users of social media, spending almost 7 hours per month engaging in social media sites. This is more than the United States, Britain and Japan and compares with a world-wide average of 5 and a half hours per month.

The article is based on a Nielsen study which found that 9.9 million of our 22 million-strong population are social media users, with 8.2 million being Facebook users. One in five Aussies over 55 now claim to use Facebook.

Does this make us more tech-savvy than other nations, or does it just add credence to the claim that Aussies are ‘lazy’ – we’re on social media sites too much instead of working or engaging in other productive activities???

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